Revenue Cycle and Practice Operations Evaluation

KPG Revenue Cycle Management is about working with you to solve problems and find solutions. Our revenue cycle management consulting services will work with you to improve any area of your revenue cycle, from the time the patient calls for an appointment to the time the account is paid, to final reporting.
With a few visits we can quickly:

  • Determine what roadblocks are holding your organization from success
  • Work with you to improve your practice
  • Assist you in finding qualified staff where necessary
  • Assist in establishing goals, job responsibilities
  • Leave you with ongoing improvements in staff and system performance


Performance Reporting and Analytics

KPG RCM will evaluate your current performance reporting and analytics efficiencies to ensure your operational growth and decision-making by developing business solutions that work for you. By using our knowledge of technology and business management strategies we help you improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. KPG RCM help you determine what you need to have to understand and compare data yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Process & Workflow Redesign

KPG RCM will assess your current workflows to perform a benchmark analysis to comparative organizations. When this is complete, we are able to recommend changes to improve efficiency of care, operational performance and patient satisfaction.


Additional Consulting Services

  • Practice assessments
  • Staff performance evaluations
  • Effective task distribution
  • Efficiency and quality improvements
  • Patient flow improvement
  • Interim medical practice management