Performance Reporting and Business Analytics is one of the core competencies that KPG Revenue Cycle Management focus on with our clients. We understand the need to deliver more than a reporting solution. Today’s healthcare organization are driven by the information derived from the data that is used to inform and assist in decision making. We work with our clients to understand what drives their organization in order to design and develop the business intelligence solution that fits their business model.

KPG Revenue Cycle Management’s team of data experts understands today’s technology and the complexity of the information but more importantly, they know how to sift thru the data to help you find the data you need to manage your practice. We work with you to define your reporting and data needs and develop the business tools you need to go forward in the modern world of Business Intelligence (BI)!

Our Performance Reporting and Business Analytics team have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Reporting
  • Data and Business Analysis
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Data Warehouse Development
  • Database Administration
  • Benchmarking internally, against industry standards and on-going performance metrics
  • Dashboard Development
  • Cognos (Analyzer)
  • Transition to next generation of reporting (e.g. Origins)

Our teams’ experience includes a broad range of healthcare products, including Centricity© Group Management also referred to as IDX, GPMS and Groupcast, Centricity© Practice Management Solution also referred to as Millbrook (practice management) or Logician (EMR), Centricity© Business also referred to as Business Solutions, IDX, or Flowcast, and Misys.

We also have in depth experience with Microsoft and Unix/AIX based tool sets.