People are one of the major building blocks of an organization. This is particularly evident in the revenue cycle process as we see the many opportunities for patient dissatisfaction and loss of revenue because of lack of good hiring practices and appropriate training.

When looking at better performing practices, a common thread was their focus on people, their focus on hiring the right people, their focus on education, and taking a holistic view of compensation, and work schedules to increase satisfaction within the work environment.

KPG Revenue Cycle Management believes that your people are an important asset to be developed into a finely tuned team. We can assist you with:

  • Developing job descriptions
  • Developing hiring tools to select qualified staff
  • Develop training curriculum and training materials suited to your specific environment
  • Provide end user training on Group Management system
  • Deliver Web CBT’s to use as follow-up training
  • Develop workflows and training on specific Group Management modules specific to client’s environment
  • Train on billing basics for the back office
  • Educational workshops targeted to specific problems