Knowledgeable ongoing support of your practice management system is critical in any organization. The vendor provides support up only to a certain level and then you must use internal resources to manage the day to day operations of your system: maintenance of system tables, automation of processes, simply changing forgotten passwords! Many organizations rely on a person in the billing office or from the front office who wears multiple hats to take care of “those” questions. The result is a person who is worn out! And knowledge that is often missed because the individual is too busy just trying to maintain a daily work load.

An alternative is to outsource your daily support to a team of experts with a deep knowledge of the product and who can respond quickly to adding a new constant, change a password, and even more importantly, take a deeper look at your system to determine opportunities for greater efficiencies thru automating processes.

Let KPG RCM be your internal IT team. With current technology, we don’t have to be onsite to manage your system and free your resources to run your business.

  • Day to day support of constants and system
  • Infrastructure development and expansion
  • Automation of processes